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  OAKLEY release cooperation Ferrari Eyewear
  Design, the ultimate beyond
  Strategy to join the two industry womens oakley sunglasses leader, not only is the integration of spirit and philosophy of the brand, but the two leading creative design and technical teams collide and innovative attempt. This cooperation launched in commemoration of the first models --Carbon called the Blade reflected most vividly. OAKLEY crazy oakley sunglasses women with car designers for inspiration, from simple to Ferrari chassis fixed lines solidified into a razor-sharp appearance presented, making Carbon Blade worthy of the name first. And its greater technical highlights, it is the ultimate use of the car grade carbon fiber materials to make racing elements and mirror technology has reached the perfect fusion of the most balanced and extreme collisions. As we all know, the carbon fiber oakley womens glasses to help cope with F1 racing ground flying like the ultimate challenge, with superior toughness and portability, while racing grade carbon fiber material is several times the strength of steel with 10, but only about 1/5 the weight. The series is also a collection of other products F1 suspension mechanical properties and OAKLEY proud hinge mechanical design, outstanding sports car racing proud cheap womens oakley sunglasses feature in this series of glasses undoubtedly find the perfect balance.
  Product Director OAKLEY China region to live together media explained: "Carbon fiber materials have had a precedent in the use of glasses, but the use of racing grade carbon fiber is a completely different concept framework .Carbon Blade extreme lightweight and flexible shaping the structure is made of carbon fiber and titanium, which is a ground speed of the birth of the human spectacle. "
  It is reported that the launch of the oakley sunglasses for women SCUDERIA FERRARI OAKLEY cooperation, including eyewear collection include Sport and Leisure section of the four special models, and are the exclusive Ferrari red as the main color of each lens to all corners of the Ferrari Prancing Horse logo laser engraved, plus special mirror box to create a special and exclusive packaging makes this series in addition to the trend of both practical and functional, but also have a different kind of collection.
  One side is committed to continuously womens oakley sunglasses on sale develop proprietary technology to enhance athletic performance OAKLEY, the other side is the ultimate pursuit of ground speed and power for the purpose of the Ferrari F1 team, because pursuing this ultimate and perfect cooperation in the future will also crash out How to spark innovation, let us wait and see.